Friday, 21 April 2017

There was a time.

There was a time when a story, a tapestry of words, was as important a commodity as food, clothing or precious jewels. Words were treasure and they were exchanged as that. Handed down carefully, respectfully through generations. It was a trade.

People were connected to truly everything around them. They saw. They understood that everyone and everything is connected. Nothing is separate.

“They were capable of interpreting the transits of planets and communing with the souls of moths”
 The Turquoise Trail by Caron Karasik.

There was a time when people identified themselves and others through the words that were woven. A voice listened to. Holding on to each rich word spoken, like gold seeping through light. A time when people sat together, talked and listened. When people shared and heard the heart that beat through the words spoken.

“The truth of the matter was, stories was everything and everything was stories. Everybody told stories. It was their way of saying who they were in the world. It was their understanding of themselves” 'In Search of the One Eyed Jesus' by Harry Crewe.

Today we are dependent on imagery in which to understand ourselves. People connect to the understanding of themselves and each other by swiping and sweeping through images. The finger leads the pathways to the left or the right. Down, down, down. through carefully crafted ‘presentations’ of lives.

They had the gift of seeing at least four sides to every story: the good, the bad, the chaotic surface and the buried heart.”The Turquoise trail by Caron Karasik.

As we fall into the quick sand of political instability, fear and hate and a time of ‘non -truth’, it seems more important than ever to hold on to the truth and integrity in our hearts and share the power of the words that come from that.

“Among all the valuable things of this world, the word is the most precious. For in the word one can find a light that gems and jewels do not possess; a word may contain such life that it can heal the wounds of the heart” Hazrat Inayat Khan.

It is through words from the heart that dreams are actualised. It is through words that the fibres of truth are met. Only through words can roots properly grow. Weaving a stronger foundation.  There is nothing more powerful and there is nothing more beautiful when it is met with sincerity.

Be careful what you say to each other. If you have nothing to say that is kind, then say nothing at all. “Words are more than symbols, they are triggers of biological information” as the mind-body system organizes itself around verbal experiences.

But when that word is spoken that is true and meets the dream of the heart right in the eye. It will never be forgotten and will resound in the heart for all time.

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