Sunday, 15 November 2015

Worn With Love Headdresses in Trend Tablet.

Over the Summer my good friend and photographic comrade, Gisela Torres and I did a wonderful shoot featuring a new series of Headdresses I have made to sell. I am very excited to say that the full story can be seen in Trend Tablet,  the inspiring online magazine. I styled the headdresses with my collection of vintage and globally sourced textiles that I have been collecting for many years.

Wedding headdress with Swan Feathers £295.

This headdress is the ultimate wedding headpiece. The feathers are from a pair of Swans. One of my best friends passed the Swans in the Summer and watched the pair pruning themselves and waited to gather up all of their feathers for me. I couldn't have been more delighted. I have never been so lucky to work with Swan Feathers before. They are incredibly rare. These feathers signify ultimate unity. A pair who remain bound always. The vintage lace is exquisite with the finest intricate embroidery of butterflies. I love the juxtaposition between the total connection of the Swans unity but also the freedom from the Butterfly.
 The necklace is Bedouin. The dress vintage European and the belt is Chinese.

Pheasant feather Headdress with 1920's centrepiece and Silver Coins £195 ( Sold). 

Middle Eastern Embroidered coat. European embroidered top. Vintage leather belt and French skirt. Turquoise necklace and Indian silver necklace

Parrot and Canadian Geese feathers with Navaho beaded centrepiece, coral, leather motif and coins £210
Full sleeved blouse with Navaho Squash Blossom necklace and 1920's Egyptian revival silver belt buckle worn as choker. Early twentieth century embroidered belt from Guatemala.

                                  Vintage Flowers and Navaho Turquoise Brooch £95 (Sold)

                       Styled with a Moroccan linen gown and Bolivian embroidered dress and Navaho turquoise jewellery.

Fabric headpiece with vintage and Bennison Fabrics and vintage silver brooch £75.

Vintage necklaces and early twentieth century coat from Pakistan.

                 Vintage brocade, vintage and Bennison fabrics and parrot feathers £120 (Sold)
                              Necklace Marni. Nagua Dress from Panama. Amber bracelet.

 Vintage embroidered belt with guinoa fowl feathers and heart motif. £45 with Vintage floral headband.

Silver necklaces from Guatemala. Silver and indigo bolero from Sapa, Vietnam. Embroidered 1970' dress Afghanistan. Navaho Turquoise rings.

I was introduced to Gisela by Caroline Baker about fifteen years ago! We became friends pretty instantly and we have worked together on many wonderful shoots. I think back to all the wonderful places we have worked and the fun we have had.

With many thanks to my friend and to the wonderful team: Ilona our beautiful model with whom I had great chats about the power of Super foods and thanks to Katie Campbell for the beautiful hair and make up.