Saturday, 12 October 2013

It is October and the dance of the Summer light is fading

The months have passed and now the Autumn Leaves are falling and the Mushrooms appear.


It is October and this Month marks the 50th year of Jean Cocteau's death. He wished to find poetry in everything and so he did everything, seeking the ultimate beauty.

It is October and I am falling in love with the art that is Peter Greenway. A still taken from 'Drowning by Numbers.' The magic. The Surrealism. The Fun. The light.

It is October and I find myself singing Led Zeppelin all day on a Mens wear shoot I styled.

It is October and I am inspired by it all. The magnificence in this photo. A women in Aghanistan.

It is October and a Bike commission from Worn with Love will be whizzing through the country lanes of England.

It is October and the Photographers Gallery opens an exhibition of Jacques Henri Lartique. The exquisite photos cover the period of time he spent with his first wife Bibi, (photo here taken on their honeymoon in 1919. It celebrates love. It celebrates life.