Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Reflection on a year: January 2012

Goodbye To Eve Arnold.

February 2012

Researching the Meaning of Love.

March 2012

Finding Words that Resonate.

April 2012

Developing my photography using Film

May 2012

Inspiration at the Wellcome Trust, Miracles and Charms Exhibition

June 2012

Simple Structures that Have Soul.

July 2012

Students from the University Of Delaware studying Visual Communications Come to England every year to visit Design Centres. Following the World of Interiors Piece in November 2011, William Deering asked to visit my Boat and the ethos of Worn With Love.

August 2012

Involved in styling the Alberto Morrocco Sale at Christies and creating the space for Jamb at Decorex 2012


September 2012

Roots of Growth, can grow in the most unexpected places.
Finding a Tree in my enamel wash basin.

October 2012

Styling the Fashion pages For County living Magazine.

November 2012

Never Ceasing to find Inspiration in A Well Dressed Grannie.

December 2012

  • Styling the Christmas Window for Jamb using Worn with Love Floral Wreaths and 3 Giant golden balls.